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Author: thewoodsman

A very spooky UTG episode this week. The gang reads fan-made trailer scripts to dramitic music, Murtrude intrudes to review the spooky “Carrie” movie and Patrick’s coffee in LA rant and how when you run out of things to chit-chat about on your everyday coffee purchase, you should just assume not go back.

This week we talk about music concerts and arguments we’ve had, the orchestra and the worst seat in the house. There’s some poop talk; ok, a lot of poop talk, but it’s all in good fun. We finish off by telling you about the best standing bad-movies series: Fast and Furious. Come along, it’s the UTG podcast!

The UTG crew breaks down why LA is probably the craziest place in the US with stories ranging from the infamous “Stink Hammer”, “F**king Pinche”, “Money Shots”. We also say goodbye to our podcast editor Brian as he packs up from LA and leaves for greener pastures. In Montana. Like literally pastures.

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