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Lincoln, the special guest, never-host, drops by to play some classic “Name Game”, a game you can play with your friends, Patrick busts out some future predictions including tiny people playing the new national sport Hamster Dash and we wrap it up with a new segment about facts that you might not know but if you do, that’s OK. Please subscribe on iTunes and check out or sponsor by going to Audibletrial.com/UTG to get your free 30-trail!

The UTG starts out with the classic game “This or That” with the follow up game “Care to Explain?”. Patrick explains one of the weirdest weeks of his life this week, Matt Damon shows up and a weekend in Joshua Tree proves that nothing but insane people live in the dessert. Tell a friend who will tell a friend about the podcast!

As a sign of appreciation for our fans, the UTG brings you the first volume of the podcast’s “Best of” collection. Hand picked fan favorites with an intro from the Gang. The Name Game, Dog Sh!t, Celebrity Gossip, Mutrude’s Movie Mreviews, The Outdoor Bathroom and more! Be sure to subscribe for a new episode each Friday and check out our UStream channel on Tuesdays, http://goo.gl/5bkXZv

Even know it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with two other dudes talking about dress-by-mail, shopping carts and the age old Valentine’s story of Batman and the Joker. It’s just as inappropriate as always. Subscribe and be sure to check out our UStream on Tuesdays at 10 PST!

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