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The holidays are here and we have a present for you guys! Before we start recording, there is a little bit of down time where we shoot the breeze. A lot of it is good, and we like it, but it doesn’t make the cut for time. Well now you can hear all of the funny bloopers in the first part of the UTG bloopers and gag reel. Lincoln guests on this episode and it’s a fun time the whole time. Subscribe and tell a friend, even if you don’t like them, about the UTG podcast!

Use #candidselfies when you take a picture of yourself when it looks like you’re not looking and be sure to tag us! Murtrude drops by and reviews The Hunger Games: Catch a Fire, there’s a rant about the crappy “Call of Duty” generation and a very odd and funny retelling of a computer-riddled future.

A new multicultural guest on the show! Jackie stops by and we play the new “Name Game” which we hope will catch on at parties. We also tell of the adventure of a baby shower and how you can still manage to crash one and bring up some childhood memories and all of our odd, neurotic child brains and behaviors.

So pretty much everything you were ever taught about Thanks giving is a big, fat lie. It’s actually about Turkey People and 90’s ravers which started the whole thing…we’ll explain. Patrick and Austin talk about Doritos commercial challenge and freebie jobs and dip into the reader mail and Murtrude answers questions about stuntmen in Hollywood and the Oscars! Happy Thanksgiving from the UTG gang!

UTG gang gives some “best tips” for traveling by air. We have been on a lot of airplanes and these tips may actually save your sanity. Celebrities are big in LA so we’re introducing Bethafuerte and Amandacorn as our new “celebrity gossip” correspondents in the new UTG segment “Tinsel Treats”

A very spooky UTG episode this week. The gang reads fan-made trailer scripts to dramitic music, Murtrude intrudes to review the spooky “Carrie” movie and Patrick’s coffee in LA rant and how when you run out of things to chit-chat about on your everyday coffee purchase, you should just assume not go back.

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